Carlos Catalogart

Where the beauty of coins meets catalog art

Escudos, DDR-Marks and US-State Quarters

tokens of art, history and culture beautifully displayed in geometrical forms of mathematical precision


Coins from Portugal


coins of former East Germany

State Quarter

50 state quarter prograM US MINT

Archimedean Spiral

by day light

Octagonal Archimedean Spiral

by nighttime

Pentagonal Archimedean Spiral


Condensed Spiral

against fear of sparseness

Eight-fold symmetry

of a condensed spiral

Five-fold symmetry

for obvious reasons

Day view of natural colors

For contrast

Night view of natural colors

for confort

Day view of natural colors

for a clean sight

Night view of metal colors

for metal alloy lovers

Day view of metal colors

For spotting two metals

Night view of dense metal

the ultimate metal feeling